SA_Adeevee thumbnailI have a vested interest in helping those who have contracted Lyme disease – both in the acute and late stage. I went through the hardship of chronic Lyme disease myself several years ago and didn’t know where to turn for knowledgeable resources on topics such as diet and accurate testing. There are many resources out there about what Lyme disease is, its symptoms and treatment (see www.canlyme.com for instance) but not many about the how-to of managing things such as dietary changes and medical expenses associated with the disease. Having an avid interest (and communication background) in the healthcare industry, I’ve started several blog sites to help others navigate through some of the more tricky aspects of the disease.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to be diagnosed with Lyme disease early and cure it right away, I want you to know that there is hope! The road to wellness may be full of more twists and turns but you WILL get there.

Squeeze of Lyme is primarily a recipe blog dedicated to those with Lyme disease who’ve been asked to follow the ‘Lyme Diet’ by their Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) – or simply want to follow an anti-inflammatory diet as a complement to treatment. The recipes posted to the site are either those I’ve created or have been adapted from regular recipes – with substitutions made that adhere to the diet.

The recipes on this site are ALWAYS gluten-free – as long as care is taken with buying ingredients (certified gluten-free is best).  Most are also free of refined sugar, vinegar, yeast, etc., but as my own treatment progressed, you may notice some ‘deviations’ from the strictness of certain ingredients (i.e the addition of dried fruit to a gluten free muffin). I try to note these in the various recipes so you can make an educated decision on whether the recipe is something you want to try at whatever stage you are at with your own treatment.

I also welcome Lyme-friendly recipe contributions, so please send them my way! Let me know if your recipe is an original creation or something you have adapted (and where it was from). If it fits the Lyme diet criteria and is tasty, I will post the recipe with full credit.

Squeeze of Lyme also has additional helpful resources (i.e. how to navigate the process of Igenex testing for Canadians and how to claim gluten free expenses on your tax return.

If you have any comments or wish to get in touch, feel free to contact me at: squeezoflyme@outlook.com



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Researcher said:

    Hi there,

    I’m doing a little research on Lyme disease in Canada and I came across your super super helpful blog. I was reading your explanation of how to get a Western Blot test in Ontario and I noticed you said that your initial GP wouldn’t sign your requisition form for the IGeneX test. Why was that? Did the GP not think that it was a good test?

    Also, just a heads up that I tried to email you at squeezeoflyme@outlook.com and the email bounced back.


    • I can’t speak for the mindset of the doctor (I got a new one right away), but the US test is not recognized here in Canada even though it’s better because it bypasses the Faulty 2-tiered testing done here. Unfortunately very few docs in Canada are well versed in proper treatment and protocols. Thanks for the heads up on the email.

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